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China will surpass the United States as the world's largest producer of man-made corundum

Release time:
2018/10/27 19:20

Corundum is divided into natural corundum and artificial corundum. Natural corundum is a pure alumina (Al2O3). The main mineral composition of artificial corundum is physical corundum. Artificial corundum is divided into corundum (A), white corundum (WA), corundum (PA), zirconium corundum (ZA), black corundum (BA), single crystal corundum (SA), microcrystalline corundum (MA). Corundum is mainly used bauxite, iron, anthracite in the electric arc furnace by melting reduction impurity in the system; white fused alumina powder in the electric arc furnace in the melt crystallization; other corundum is a different content of alumina in the During the melting process, a certain amount of other oxide-derived substances having different properties are added. A large number of corundum used corundum, white corundum.

Industry analysts pointed out: abrasive abrasive known as "industrial teeth," said, not only with the equipment manufacturing, aerospace, marine, new energy, automotive, home appliances, electronic information industries are closely related, and has penetrated into people's lives aspect. Artificial corundum as a kind of abrasive, China, India, Russia, man-made corundum product sales growth of the largest market. China will surpass the United States as the world's largest producer of man-made corundum.

At present, China has become the consumption of man-made corundum, but not a power. International artificial corundum products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, low-tech products, compared with the international advanced level there is a wide gap between the lack of international high-end technology products, mainly relying on exports. High-end products and foreign products than the gap, and can only meet the automotive, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives and ships several major pillar industries demand for 30% of exports to maintain most of the traditional high-end grade.

Corundum with considerable hardness and toughness, can be processed into different size range of granules and the grain shape of the uniform and uniform granular, with high temperature stability and chemical stability. Brown corundum Mohs hardness of 9, the hardness of 1800-2200kg / mm2; white corundum Mohs hardness of 9, the hardness of 2200-2400kg / mm2, second only to diamonds. Corundum, white corundum is the manufacture of consolidated abrasive and advanced refractory materials and products, the main material can also be used for non-slip, grinding, investment casting, advanced ceramics and so on.

Published in the "2014-2018 China's artificial corundum industry in-depth research and forecast report" shows that in 2013, China's artificial corundum industry sales reached 18.38 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9%. In 2012, China's artificial corundum industry sales revenue reached 16.882 billion yuan, an increase of 40.4%.

China's man-made corundum industry mainly to small and medium enterprises, especially small businesses in general. Compared with medium-sized enterprises, small-scale enterprises are weak, technological innovation capability is weak, production equipment is backward, product quality is poor, and the competition is in the competition with the small-scale enterprises, the number of small and medium enterprises is small. Disadvantage.

From the regional point of view, China's man-made corundum production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the east and south China, especially in east China occupy the vast majority, and from a specific province, Guizhou, Henan Province and Shandong Province man-made corundum intensive enterprises, Most of the man-made corundum production enterprises.