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The Pain and Thinking of Environmental Protection in Abrasives Industry

Release time:
2018/10/27 19:20

"Pharaoh, you waste water dare to row, be careful of your money, a fine today, tomorrow, and then fine two thousand."

"Nothing, I was on top, when the inspection will be notified."

Hearing this dialogue, is in the new "Environmental Protection Law" introduced shortly. This section is called "the history of the most stringent environmental protection law", the advent of it has aroused widespread concern, one of the "daily penalty" is much discussed. Abrasive abrasive industry, as the "three high" industry, if strictly in accordance with the new "Environmental Protection Law" implementation, many companies are probably due to environmental protection, but difficult to maintain.

Rao is the case, more companies on the new "Environmental Law" does not fear, in their view, despite the new law, such as the Monkey King generally have great ability, but still escape the Buddha's palm palm. Just that Pharaoh is a good example: Although the law is very strict, very detailed rules, a "I was on top of someone" to solve a lot of things. The so-called rules and regulations seems to be a piece of paper, a form, in this case, decades of pollution control, has not changed the situation is grim this reality.

Admittedly, the environmental protection of this issue can not be expected to administrative, legal means alone. Enterprises, environmental protection is the top priority in the process, the new "Environmental Protection Law" one, the manufacturing industry put forward higher requirements, before the occasional enterprise excessive discharge of the phenomenon, fabricated "pollution control facilities maintenance, damage or temporary And other reasons can be muddle through, and in accordance with the new "environmental protection law" requirements, as long as non-compliance emissions to punish, corporate sewage a day not up to standard, not corrected, the relevant penalty is no cap, and the law also entrusted to the seizure of law enforcement related Serious pollution of the rights of enterprises, the circumstances are serious will also limit the personal freedom of business leaders, this "combination of boxing" that you want to pay by the trouble of the "polluting enterprises" nowhere to hide. Under this pressure, some powerful enterprises, "the technical transformation of the technological transformation", "the environmental protection equipment on the equipment," the real action to avoid in this round of wave was eliminated , And some of the weaker enterprises, can only sandwiched tail man, sneaky work.

Abrasive abrasive enterprises, in recent years, at home and abroad under the influence of the economic situation, low-profit abrasive abrasive enterprises have been on the brink of bankruptcy. At this time the introduction of the new "Environmental Protection Law", for the abrasive abrasive enterprise is undoubtedly worse, compared to those "I was above" large enterprises, more only in the "high fines" and "expensive equipment" Choose one of the two, which both are enough to choose which low-profit grinding enterprises beating.

Our economy in recent decades has made rapid development, but also paid a heavy price, Shanxi "coal mouse" sizzling Beijing real estate, they are manufacturing pollution, but also to avoid pollution, when the mine has been seriously polluted Of the time, bear is the local people and residents. Analogy with high energy consumption, high pollution, abrasive abrasive field, hanging on the head called the new "environmental protection law" Damocles sword forcing us to reflect on, but also the reflection: how to develop is sustainable Is neither illegal nor contrary to conscience?

All along, since we believe that air, water and other natural resources are inexhaustible, and now only understand the fresh air and clean water is so important, the increasingly serious environmental problems not only national, business issues , Has become an important livelihood issues. The introduction of the new Environmental Law will greatly promote environmental governance, but the pollution and ecological restoration is a "disease to such as spinning," the gradual process, it is necessary to have a ton output capacity of the bold, but also need to drip through the stone-like tenacity, need Production, lifestyle, way of thinking and values ​​for the corresponding adjustment and cooperation. Only when the most stringent environmental protection system, the most urgent needs of the people and practical governance, remediation measures to coordinate with each other, the sky blue, green, water net beautiful homes can be reproduced as scheduled.